About Me

Hi! I'm Brittany.

I'm a teacher who loves to travel.

I'm also a teacher who loves helping other teachers to travel!

I'm a 30-something, cat-loving educator, and I've been teaching in a traditional classroom setting for three years . My experience in instruction, however, goes back several more years. I've had the distinct pleasure of teaching various topics to different ages of students, in all kinds of environments.

In my 20s, this myriad of various jobs and careers took me to many fascinating places - and I so look forward to sharing more about that with all of you.

I have:
*Worked on a flower farm
*Setup a bed & breakfast
*Managed a hotel front desk
*Taught hands-on, inquiry-based science outdoors
*Directed day camps
*Ran daily operations for residential summer camps
*Coached students in ballroom dance, singing and guitar
*Operated a successful, online, second-hand boutique
*Planned and executed community-wide events for thousands of people

Someone might wonder - if you were good at any of these things, why did you stop?

That's a great question! I actually still do many of these jobs in a way as a teacher. That's one of the things I like most about teaching - I can wear as many or as few hats as I like! And I can even change it up year to year. I don't get bored, and I'm always challenged to learn more and get better.

Before discovering my love for teaching, I actually struggled for a long time to find my "niche" - my "calling," my "passion."

I thought that if I didn't have something that I was an expert at, something I specifically and uniquely excelled in - then everything I was doing was a waste of time.

More than that, I'm a Christian who believes in God's calling to all His people to contribute to His Kingdom - so not knowing how I was meant to contribute stressed me out on a spiritual level! Truly.

Everything also had to have a monetary value to me - a way that I could earn money from it, while contributing to society (you can earn money from any of these items, and I have - but that's for another post!),

Moreover, I had friends and family members who knew exactly who they were, what they liked, and what they were going to do with their lives. Some were already having kids, too - which just added to the impending doom of my upcoming 30th birthday (back then - I'm over 30 now!).

It took me quite a while to realize all of these jobs, careers, interests and skills share a common thread.

And it took me years (and several big life events) to truly understand just what it is I like to do: I love creating lasting memories and positive experiences for others.

Once I realized this, everything just clicked.

The renaissance woman I've become helps me connect to people with a wide variety of personalities, careers, skills, beliefs and interests.

I've also learned that leisurely pursuits are not a waste of time just because they're not monetized! They are worthwhile means of recreation if they're nothing more than just enjoyable (which I should have seen sooner - I was a Parks & Recreation Major, after all!).

All this to say, this blog and company were born out of an observed problem. I've heard so many fellow teachers lament about how they aren't paid enough (which is TRUE!), and how, as a result, they cannot travel as often or as far as they'd like.

I met this statement with dissonance, as my own experience has shown me there are so many ways to travel! Knowing how important travel is as both an educational tool and a way to recharge, I just knew I had to do something about it.

I decided to focus on sharing all the ways teachers can travel. There are enough programs, short-term job opportunities, grants and tips to justify several books - but a blog sounded more fun. ;) So, here I am - and here you are!

I truly look forward to getting to know every teacher who comes here for inspiration, support, advice and/or encouragement.

Cheers to other Traveling Teachers.

--- Brittany

Why Travel with Us

We know you have several options, but we're confident that you won't find packages more affordable or in-tune with teachers' needs, than ours!

Teachers Supporting Teachers

This is a labor of love. All packages and experiences are created and led by teachers. We partner with local teachers for day trips and experiences whenever possible, so rest assured that this is all for and by educators.

Support Small Business

When you book a package, experience or activity with us, your profits go back to teachers. This means when you travel, you're also helping other teachers to travel more! We intentionally keep overhead small so we can focus on what's really important - serving you!

Customizable Packages

We're proud of our packages, as we're confident that we are meeting a wide variety of price points and preferences. But if your needs differ, please let us know! We'd be happy to customize a trip for you.

Save Time

We know that in today's day and age, you can book meals, accommodations and activities yourself. However, we are not a booking agency. We're teachers here to serve other teachers to ensure you're able to travel farther, more often, within your budget and in a way which meets your needs.

Save Money

Since we are an official limited liability company, we get some perks that individuals, small groups and non-profits don't. These savings are passed on to you when you book with us. We know it sounds counter-intuitive - but making money is not our first priority. People are first - now and always.

Connect with Colleagues

One of the big draws of our trips, is that they are exclusively for teachers and their loved ones. Our trips allow for you to network and befriend like-minded people. There's also enough flexibility in the schedule to allow for alone time, when you need it!

Our Services

We're a small start-up with big plans for serving other teachers. Some of these services have already rolled out, while others are still being developed. Stay tuned to see how we grow!

Tours for Teachers

Tours for Teachers

Our tours are intentionally designed for teachers, by teachers. Each aspect of every trip is carefully considered to meet the needs of educators and their loved ones.

Job Dashboard

Job Dashboard

Whether you're looking for a teacher assignment, career switch, supplemental income or temporary work, we've got you covered with our Job Dashboard.

24-hour Assistance on Trips

24-hour Assistance on Trips

You can rest assured booking travel with us, knowing that you have 24-hour support from us. Reach us anytime while you're traveling. We'll be ready and happy to help you.

Flexible Trip Dates

Flexible Trip Dates

Are you interested in a trip that your schedule doesn't allow for? Let us know! We'd be happy to arrange a customized experience for you that suits your availability and needs.



We know that travel has a large (and often negative) impact on the environment. This is why we donate a portion of our profits to offset our carbon emissions. In general, it's our aim to reduce waste in all aspects of our business.

Solo-Traveler Friendly

Solo-Traveler Friendly

Teachers are often independent people who like to do their own thing. We get that, because we're also like that! But sometimes, it's good to connect with other teachers. Our trips offer the best of both worlds - amazing experiences with colleagues, balanced out with downtime.

Payment Plans

Payment Plans

We accept payment plans for most of our trips and services. Your payment information is securely collected using PayPal and Stripe.

Education Opportunities

Education Opportunities

We are constantly on the lookout for fellowships, graduate programs, doctoral programs, workshops and more that meet the needs of teachers we serve. As we get to know you, we'll match you up with opportunities and experiences you'll love.

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