More than a tour operator

We are a global community of teachers who love to travel, learn, and help other teachers to do the same.

This means helping them every step of the way - whether they need to earn, learn, yearn or sojourn.

As a result, we created a company that offers products and services designed for teachers, by teachers.

We know that happy teachers who have their needs met are best prepared to meet the needs of those in their classrooms. This means we don't just offer engaging and unique professional development opportunities. We want teachers to have a great time, too! This means that each package has time and activities built in to allow teachers to learn, relax, refresh and/or explore.

We see what we do as a service to educators, and the overall field of education, worldwide. We are here to serve those who serve.

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Why Travel with Us

We know you have several options, but we're confident that you won't find packages more affordable or in-tune with teachers' needs, than ours!

Teachers Supporting Teachers

This is a labor of love. All packages are created and led by teachers. We work with local teachers for day trips and experiences whenever possible.

Support Small Business

When you book a package, experience or activity with us, your profits go directly and indirectly back to teachers.

Customizable Packages

We're proud of our packages, as we feel we're meeting a wide variety of price points and preferences. If your needs differ, let us know! We'd be happy to customize a package for you.

Save Time

We know that in today's day and age, you can book meals, accommodations and activities yourself. However, we have taken the time to pick the very best of the best for teachers.

Save Money

Since we are an official limited liability company, we get some perks individuals don't. These savings are passed on to you when you book with us.

Connect with Colleagues

One of the big draws of our trips, is that they are exclusively for teachers and their loved ones. Other teachers just "get it." Network with and befriend like-minded people.

Trips with Traveling Teachers

Come learn, grow and travel with us!

We offer a variety of trip options to meet the various needs of the unique teachers we serve. We carefully curate each package and tour to meet the budget needs and personal preferences of teachers.

Data-Driven Destruction

Here are a few facts and stats about Traveling Teachers LLC.

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Traveling Teacher Tales

This is your opportunity to learn, share and discuss everything related to teaching, traveling and the spots where those topics intersect.

We're looking for contributing teachers! E-mail Brittany at brittany.roberts@travelingteachers.net if you're interested.

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10 Ways to Fight (or avoid!) Jet Lag

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